Bite Healer - 10s Itching Relief

Why develop VIBIS Bite Healer

  • Mosquito and insect bites
  • Chemicals are harmful and not suitable for everyone
  • It takes a long time for the itch to subside

Why Do Mosqutio Bite Itch So much

That itchy sensation you feel after getting bit is the human body’s natural reaction to mosquito saliva. This leads to the immune system producing histamines, which cause the nerves to itch due to increased blood flow. When too much histamine is released, the area around the bite can swell up and turn red in addition to itching.
  • Two Temperature Settings

    Select the appropriate temperature setting and place the ceramic surface of the Vibis Bite Healer directly on the itchy area.(We recommend starting with the Baby mode setting.)

  • Pulse Heating Technology & Blue Light Treatment

    The Vibis Bite Healer uses both heating and blue light technology to promote blood flow and circulation in the swollen area,reducing itching and redness

  • Fast Relief from ltching

    After use, the redness or itchiness should be significantly reduced within 15-20 seconds.We recommend waiting at least 3minutes before reapplying to thesame spot.)