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VesperGuard - Mosquito-Free 24/7 Repeller For Epic Vibe

VIBIS' VesperGuard features versatile repelling power that spans up to an impressive 30ft and runs tirelessly for up to a remarkable 16 hours, providing you with continuous repelling power without any interruptions.

90 advanced formula repelling mats are included to run up to 1080 hours of mosquito-free protection.

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Vibis Bite Healer-Rapid Relief, Gentle Care. Itch-Free in Seconds, Anywhere You Go!

Tired of pesky insect bites and irritating skin discomfort? Discover the power of innovation combined with nature's gentle touch in Vibis Bite Healer. Our cutting-edge 465nm blue light phototherapy technique, paired with a soothing heat pulse, works wonders in boosting metabolism and delivering unparalleled relief from itching in just 10 seconds.

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Experience the Future of Itch Relief with Vibis Bite Healer!

🌀 Innovative Blue Light Technique: Embrace the future of relief! Our phototherapy technique, free from odors and chemicals, enhances itch relief by breaking down irritants in a mere 10 seconds. Say hello to fast comfort without compromise.

🌿 Chemical-Free Comfort: Bid farewell to harsh chemicals! Vibis Bite Healer is designed with your well-being in mind. Safe for children, pregnant women, and the elderly, our device offers a natural and chemical-free solution to your itch woes.

🔋 Charge and Go: Ready whenever you are! With a swift 45-minute full charge time and a robust 300mAh rechargeable battery, Vibis Bite Healer accompanies you for up to 15 days on a single charge, delivering relief for nearly 400 uses. The USB-C charge ensures compatibility with your devices.

Easy To Use

💡 Two Modes, Your Choice

Tailored comfort just for you! Choose between Mode I at 124°F/51°C and Mode II at 117°F/46°C, providing you with the temperature that suits your preference. (Psst...we recommend Mode II for a soothing first-time experience!)

Vibis Heats Up & Blue Light On

The device will start operating with blue light, also heat up safely and remain at the corresponding temperature of the selected mode for 10-15 seconds. (Mode I - 124°F/51°C, Mode II - 117°F/46°C).

Relieving Itching and Swelling

When the buzzer sounds and LED indicator off, remove the device, itch will be effectively relieved. (Please wait 2-3 minutes before reapplying to the same bite area).

Unlock the Power of Instant Relief with Vibis Bite Healer

Developing Vibis Bite Healer stemmed from a deep commitment to providing people with a revolutionary solution to a common and often frustrating problem: itching and discomfort caused by insect bites. We recognized the need for a fast, effective, and chemical-free way to alleviate itchiness while ensuring the safety and comfort of users of all ages.

Our team of experts came together to combine innovative technologies, including the groundbreaking 465nm blue light phototherapy technique and soothing heat pulse, to create a device that not only relieves itching in a matter of seconds but also promotes metabolism for more lasting relief. We wanted to harness the power of light and heat to naturally break down irritants and enhance the body's own healing process.

Furthermore, the portability and rechargeable design of Vibis Bite Healer were driven by the desire to offer convenience and relief on the go. We understood that people from various walks of life, including farm workers, lumberjacks, and construction workers, needed a compact solution that could accompany them wherever their day took them.

The emphasis on safety, indicated by the LED indicator, and the inclusive approach by making it safe for children, pregnant women, and the elderly, reflect our commitment to developing a product that cares for everyone's well-being.

Ultimately, Vibis Bite Healer was born out of a passion for innovation, a dedication to improving the quality of life, and a mission to provide an unparalleled solution for itch relief. We believe in its transformative power, and we are proud to offer a device that brings immediate comfort, confidence, and ease to people's lives.